Cool, Cool Cool Cool


kames au » james as 007 and kendall as his bond boy

"i’m diamond. james diamond."

that’s the best introduction you could think of? i’m kind of disappointed now.

"well, i better do something about it, then."

[your favorite color is] Blue. Your favorite food, is veggie pizza. If you could own any animal in the world, it would be the ocelot. The nectarine, is your favorite fruit. Your first crush, was Ellen Fickety; cause of her cute laugh! Oh, and I know your biggest secret! But I swore I’d never speak those words out loud!”

"Tell me you have something to cheer me up!”

"If I throw out a name at you… like… Kendall, what goes through your mind?”

Requested by Anonymous - College!Kames.

AU: When shy college student Kendall Knight nearly gets a football to the face, he meets jock James Diamond. The two quickly fall in love.